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Syllabus 2015-2016

Baker High School

Mrs. Hickman RM 247

2015 - 2016 khickman@mcpss.com

Government and Economics

Course Description:

-In Government we will focus on the function, origin, and purpose of the United States Government.  We will also analyze the purpose, organization, and principles of the United States Constitution and the Bill of rights.

-In Economics we will focus on basic economic questions, the United States economic system, and the Federal Reserve System.


Textbook: United States Government: Our Democracy You will have online access to the textbook.

Textbook: Understanding Economics 

There are a class set of textbooks in the room.  You will have online access to the textbook.

Textbooks may NOT leave the classroom.  

Primary Source Documents provided by the teacher.

Materials Needed:

-Three ring binder

-Loose-leaf paper

-Black or blue pens only

-Colored pencils

-Computer and internet access


The attendance policy set by the Mobile County Public School System will be followed in this class.  


Students are expected to come to class each day prepared with notebook and a writing utensil.  It is also expected that all students will participate during all class discussions, class projects, group work and activities.  

Grading System:

Types of Evaluation Measures:  A variety of evaluation types will be used, including:

-lectures/notetaking                            -Correlated videos and video clips

-Readings                                               -homework assignments

-group activities                                   -quizzes (announced and unannounced)

-class discussion                                   -tests

-essay writings or presentations       -projects

-bell ringers                  

Grading System:  Test and Major projects are worth 60% of your grade; Assignments 40%

Absences and Make-up assignments:

The day you return from an absence, turn in your admission slip.

All previously assigned work must be turned in the day you return from an excused absence.  You have (3) days to turn in make-up work.       Late make-up work will not be accepted.

If you miss a test you have until the next test to come during Hornet block or before school to makeup your test.  If you have not made up the test on the day we take the next scheduled test I will also hand you your makeup test.  Hence, you will then have 2 tests to take on that same day.  Therefore, I highly recommend you come during Hornet block to take the makeup test.  

It is your responsibility to get a pass from me to come during Hornet block to take a makeup test.  

Make-up assignments are listed on the board and all handouts will be in a folder on the table in my room.  I am also trying to streamline all of my assignments on office 365.  Once I have mastered how to do this I will be sharing the information with you.  Please be reminded, it is your responsibility to makeup missed work.

Class Procedures:

1.  Join Remind 101. Text 81010 and the correct code corresponding to your block

a. 2nd = @3a7181

b. 3rd = @3a71815

c. 4th = @3a71815f

         2.  Enter class, have a seat in your assigned desk, and complete the bell ringer noted on the board

         3.  Attendance will be taken after the tardy bell has rung

         4.  Once attendance is finished class will begin.  Students are expected to have materials out and ready to begin class discussion


Textbook Access:

Please find below the Redemption Code used to access your McGraw-Hill online content within ConnectED. If you do not already have a ConnectED username and password, the Redemption Code will allow you to register. 



Redemption Code GOJ8-J906-MH80

Book Title United States Government: Our Democracy

Teacher Name Karen Hickman


Redemption Code 6EK6-7VV2-3B1O

Book Title Understanding Economics

Teacher Name Karen Hickman

New Student follow these steps:

Go to www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com

1.  Select "Create a new account" button.

2. Enter the Redemption Code shown above and click Register.

3. Enter your First Name and Last Initial then click Finish.

4. Write down your Username and Password.

You will not see your username and password again please make sure you write it down and store it in a safe place as you will use this username and password to access your McGraw-Hill online content in the future.

Once you have enrolled you will have access to the book online.

Rules: Non-Negotiable

-No electronic devices such as cell phones or ipods may be used during class.  Electronic devices must stay out of sight in a bag or pocket.  If you are caught using the device you will receive one warning to put it away for the remainder of the semester.  Failure to do so will result in the confiscation of the device and it will be sent to an administrator.  

-No cards, dice or other personal items that could be distracting to the learning process.  

-Derogatory or foul language addressed to the teacher, student, or any other person or group is unacceptable.  Failure to comply will follow the general sequence of consequences listed below.

-The dress code will be strictly enforced! Before entering the class make sure you are in compliance

-RESPECT! Above all, respect for classmates, guest, instructor and the classroom will be  mandatory.  Respect yourself and your classmates by showing good manners.  Treat people like you would truly like to be treated, with respect and kindness.

-Stay in your seat until you are dismissed.  Do not pack up, line up at the door or leave early without your teacher's permission.

-No eating in class.  The only drink permitted in the classroom is WATER and it must be in a spill proof container.

-Hall passes - Each student will receive (3) hall passes a quarter.  If you do not use them you will receive bonus points at the end of the quarter.


Sequence of Consequences:

1.  Verbal Warning

2.  Parent Contact

3.  Discipline referral and a parent teacher conference will be arranged









I have read and understand the syllabus and classroom expectations for Mrs. Hickman's classroom. 



I, the parent or guardian of _________________________________ have read and understand the syllabus and classroom expectations. 

 Parent/ Guardian 

Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________ 


EMAIL: ______________________________________ 

CELL: _________________________________________ 

HOME: _______________________________________ 

WORK: _______________________________________ 

Students and Parents please join Remind 101 to get text message announcements 

from me. Directions: 

**Text 81010 the correct code corresponding to your block. 

1. 2nd = @3a7181  

3. 3rd = @3a71815  

4. 4th = @3a71815f