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10th grade U.S History Syllabus



Honors UNITED STATES HISTORY: Beginnings to 1914, 10TH GRADE Syllabus

Instructor: Ms. Johnson

Contact Information

(251) 221-3000


www.bakerhighschool.com (Link to Webpage under “Staff”)

Planning Period: _______3rd block________

 Course Goal:

Students will gain an understanding and appreciation for the major events of American History from the beginnings to 1914, including emphasis on the American Revolution, Constitutional Congress, the Civil War, and both Industrial Revolutions.

 Course Description:

This course is designed to provide an overview of American history from the beginnings to 1914.  The focus of this course will be events and issues within American history with the most profound impact upon the present.  Topics explored will include political institutions, economic activities, social structures, religious beliefs and practices, cultural achievements, and technological innovations.  This course is intended to develop students’ communication and reasoning skills through activities requiring reading, writing, oral presentations, group work, map and graph interpretation, and critical analysis of historical sources and artifacts. 

 Course Objectives:

1.  Identify the most significant people, events, and ideas in American history.

2.  Locate major regions, cities, countries and geographical features to understand geographical influences in history. 

3.  Describe and examine the characteristics and contributions of American citizens.

4.  Investigate the growth of religion, art, scientific theories, exploration and economic systems within the realm of American history.






Textbook:  The Americans: Beginnings to 1914


            Danzer, Gerald A.


-           Special Note: There are two ways students (you) will be using the class text this semester. They are as follows: Students may go to the Baker website and download the electronic version (pdf) of the text or they may ask for a paper copy of the text. Due to class sets NO student will be allowed to check out a book. I will only pass out paper copies of the book upon request.


Materials Required:

·         One 2 or 3 inch three ring binder

.        pencils

·         College rule paper

·         Black or blue pens

·         Colored pencils

*Note: If additional materials are needed for a specific assignment or unit, students will be informed well in advance.


Be present, punctual, and prepared.

Maintain a positive, professional, and productive attitude.

Follow directions to achieve success.

Respect peers, faculty, and yourself.

Please take care of all personal hygiene prior to entering the classroom.

Please… nothing edible or thirst quenching in class.

Usage of electronic devices is prohibited in class.  





Verbal warning

Extra assignment, detention, etc.

Parent contact

Discipline referral



Types of Evaluation Measures: A variety of evaluation types will be used, including homework assignments, quizzes, tests, writing essays, projects, etc.


Grading System: Tests/ Projects are worth 60% of your grade; Quizzes/ Daily Work/ Homework are worth 40% of your grade. 


All work must be turned in on the established due date. Any assignment not turned in at the time the assignment is called due, will be considered late and will NOT be accepted. All due dates for assignments will be posted on the classroom calendar/whiteboard within the classroom (further explanation is provided below under the ABSENCES & MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENTS section of this syllabus).

*** Weekly Notes: You will be required to take weekly (chapter) notes. You must include the following: at least 5 points with explanations for each section. You must also include weekly bellringers attached to the notes. Make sure that you write the question and provide an answer for each bellringer question.

   ***Daily Reading-You will be given reading assignments each week to complete. With each reading assignment there will be a quiz or assignment that will correspond with that reading. If you miss a reading quiz/assignment, your make up will consist of you providing me with a one (1) paragraph (at least 5 complete sentences) summary of the section that was reviewed on the quiz. If you are asked to read more than ONE section you will turn in more than ONE paragraph, etc.

 Special Note- It is YOUR responsibility to know when you were absent and what assignments you have missed.



The attendance policy set by the Mobile County Public School System will be followed in this class.

After the fourth parent note, all absences will be coded unexcused unless a legitimate doctor’s note is presented.  As of the fifth unexcused absence, credit will be denied. Teachers will record tardies as unexcused.  Four tardies equal one unexcused absence.



If you are tardy to class you will be marked so in the grade book.  Upon receiving four (4) tardies, you will be written up.  No exceptions. 



The day you return from an absence, turn in your admission slip. All previously assigned work must be turned in the day you return from an excused absence.  You have two (2) days per excused absence to turn in makeup work.  Late makeup work will not be accepted.


If you miss a test it is your responsibility to request a make-up test, and no make-up tests will be given to those with unexcused absences. You will only be allotted 2 days to complete this work/test.


Notable Class Procedures

 Notebook Requirements

Organization is essential to success; therefore, each student is required to organize his or her work in a notebook. 

Notebooks will be graded at the end of each unit for completion. 

Students will need at least a 1 to 11/2-inch three-ring binder.

Student's notebook needs to be organized into divided sections, as follows:

Class Syllabus

Classroom Procedures

Bell Ringers/Essential Questions Divider/Chapter Notes/Worksheets

 Work Requirements- Failure to write your name on your work could result in a grade of zero.

ONLY Pencils or blue/black pens may be used. All work turned in must be neat and legible.

Headings on papers should appear in the following way in the top right hand corner of the page:

John Doe   (name)

2nd Block  (class block)

1/3/12       (date)


Daily Procedures:

Throughout the semester students will follow a set of procedures within the classroom.  Classroom procedures will be discussed on the first day of class and students will keep a copy of daily procedures in their notebook at all times.  Students will keep a copy in their notebooks to ensure there are no questions about what is expected of them concerning behavior and procedure.  Classroom procedures will also be posted in the classroom. 


Ending the Day

The bell does not begin or end class; Ms. Johnson does.  You will remain seated until I have dismissed you. DO NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR TO WAIT ON THE BELL.