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Mythology I Syllabus

MYTHOLOGY 1 Course Syllabus

Greek and Roman Mythology


1.       Introduction to Classical Mythology- World Mythology by Donna Rosenberg and Edith Hamilton Mythology

2.       The Gods, The Creation, and the Earliest Heroes

         A.      The Gods

         B.      The Two Great Gods of the Earth

         C.      How the World and Mankind Were Created

         D.      The Earliest Heroes

3.       Stories of Love and Adventure

         A.      Cupid and Psyche

         B.      Eight Brief Tales of Lovers

         C.      Jason and the Golden Fleece/Medea- *World Mythology by Donna Rosenberg

         D.    Medea- * World Mythology by Donna Rosenberg

         E.      Four Great Adventures

4.       The Geat Heroes Before the Trojan War

         A.      Perseus

         B.      Theseus

         C.      Hercules

         D.      Atalanta

5.       Heroes of the Trojan War

         A.      The Iliad- *World Mythology by Donna Rosenberg

         B.      The Adventures of Odysseus

         C.      The Aeneid- *World Mythology by Donna Rosenberg

6.       The Great Families of Mythology

         A.      The House of Atreus

         B.      The Royal House of Thebes

         C.      The Royal House of Athens

7.       The Less Important Myths

         A.      Midas and Others


Unless noted, selections will be from Edith Hamilton’s Mythology.