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Mythology I (Greek and Roman)


Mr. Knott


Welcome back to Baker High School! It is my hope that this will be a rewarding, fulfilling, and challenging time in your high school experience. This written documentation should help clear up any questions you may have about what is expected of you this term. I think you will agree, after reading, that these class policies and procedures are fair, impartial, and based upon courtesy.


These policies are based on common decency and should not infringe upon anyone’s individual rights (your rights end where another person’s rights begin). I try to arrive at school by 7:00 a.m. each morning and normally stay until 3:00 p.m. (if arrangements are made I can stay later). I am off during first lunch-wave, and my planning period is 4th block. Never hesitate to come see me if I can be of any help to you. I am looking forward to working with you so that this term at Baker High School will truly be a memorable one.


Materials – The following materials will be used in class daily!

                        World Mythology book or Edith Hamilton Mythology

                        Notebook and pen/pencil


Policies- 1. Be on time! Once the tardy bell rings and you are not in the classroom, you are late!

                                  Be seated.

             2. Be prepared! Have text book and notes ready.

             3. Behave! Students must be aware of and abide by all guidelines set by the      teacher                   and

                                 student handbook/code of conduct.

Absences- Students should be in class daily if at all possible. It is the student’s responsibility to

                 make up any readings or notes missed due to absence. Make-up day for tests

                 is Tuesday afternoon (2:50 p.m.) or before school and will always be made up on the

                 closest Tuesday to the student’s return. Tests can only be made up with an excused  


Detention- Detention is assigned for conduct unbecoming of a high school student. Since you

                 wish to be treated as young adults, you must also be prepared to pay the consequences

                 like a young adult. Detention is held every Tuesday afternoon from 2:50 p.m.-3:30

                  p.m. You will be notified, in writing, about your offense and when you are to report to

                 detention. This detention is a consequence, and if it is not met, the student is subject to

                 further disciplinary action by the administration.

Grades- Grades are composed on the point system -

             Major tests  100 pts

            Quizzes       Varies (50-75 pts.)

             Project(s )     100 pts

             You will be allowed to use your notes for tests or quizzes. If this privilege is abused for

             any reason, it will be revoked.

Daily Procedures- * Enter class quietly and on time (4 tardies= detention and 1 unexcused    


* Put book-bag out of the way of the aisles.

* If the intercom is on, a guest enters the room, or we are watching a movie, be

   quiet and courteous.

* After you complete a test you are to remain quiet until all tests are  


Mythology fee- $5.00


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