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Assignments - U.S. History 10 HR(Archived)
annotated timeline
Due Date: 5/11/2012
Subject: U.S. History 10 HR

Annotated Timeline Activity: due tomorrow 5/11

List all the Union and Confederate victories of the Civil War. For each victory, include info such as the names of the people involved, the actions that occurred and their significance. A sentence will suffice.

Union Victories

1. Battle of Pea Ridge


3. Siege ofVicksburg


5. Fall ofAtlanta

6. South Surrenders at Appomattox courthouse

Confed Victories

  1. Fall of FortSumter
  2. First Battle of Bull Run
  3. Seven day’s battle
  4. Second Battle of Bull Run
  5. Battle of Chancellorsville


Jamestown Assignment
Due Date: 1/17/2012
Subject: U.S. History 10 HR

Jamestown Assignment


-         Directions: Read the following link/ website and answer the questions



-         Why were the English exploring this area at this time?

-         What were the problems they encountered?

-         What was the outcome of this first attempt at colonization

Chapter 1 Terms and Objectives
Due Date: 8/12/2011
Subject: U.S. History 10 HR

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