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Assignments - Chemistry I HR(Archived)
CP Chemistry Smartphone Article
Due Date: 9/6/2016
Subject: Chemistry I HR

Read the article and complete the following:

Smartphone Chemistry

All of these materials are used in smartphones. As you read the article and infographic, complete the chart relating intensive properties of the material to its use in your phone.




Use in smartphone

Ceramic silicon dioxide



Potassium ions




Paramagnetic (Unpaired   electrons)


Indium tin oxide







Explain why you can’t use your touchscreen phone if you have on heavy wool gloves:

Mole Day Project
Due Date: 3/29/2013
Subject: Chemistry I HR

Mole Day Celebration! October 22, 2013 is Mole Day! We will celebrate mole day (not the furry animal, but the number we use in chemistry, which is Avagadro’s number which is equal to 6.02 x 10 23) Although Mole Day occurs in October, we will celebrate on Friday, March 29. We will spend a great deal of time with the mole and it seems fitting to allow you to explore and show your creative side with this 40 point project.

Students should pick one of the following as their project for mole day.

A.      Compose a mole day song or poem. This must be performed for the class. You must bring a copy of the lyrics as well.

B.      Create a children’s book about the mole. You must read it aloud to the class.

C.      Make a stuffed mole (pattern available). This is a chance to show your creativity. Your mole should have a name that contains the word “mole” and should be dressed in an outfit that matches the name. Example: “Molevis” dressed in polyester jump suit covered with sequins.

D.     Make a door decoration for the other science teachers. You must receive permission from the teacher to decorate their door. Only 2 students per teacher allowed.

E.      Make a Mole-bil. Make a mobil of moles and mole facts that can be hung from the ceiling.

F.       Make Mole Day Treats such as Moleasses cookies, Dirt Cake, Avogadro Dip, or Taco-mole sauce etc…

G.     Make a Mole Day Poster. It must include the term with the number incorporated into the theme. See some of the examples on the hall wall. For example, “Azalea Trail Mole” , “Who wants to be a Mole-enaire”, etc


Project Two Rubric ‘Student’s Choice”




Follows directions


Total points



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