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Assignments - U.S. History 10 HR(Archived)
Due Date: 9/22/2017
Subject: U.S. History 10 HR

Please choose one of the following questions to answer. You should…

·         Write in complete sentences (10 points)

·         Develop an argument (10 points)

·         Provide at least one example to support your position (10 points)


A.      After watching the Ted-Talk, how do you feel inventions have changed History, for better or for worse? How Inventions Change the World

B.      Of the following, which do you feel is the most important invention of all time? Why? Give specific examples to support your position on why this item is the most important. Inventions


10. Paper

9. Compass

8. Refrigeration

7. The printing press

6. Plumbing

5. Medicine

4. Engines

3. The wheel

2. Communications

1. Electricity 

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