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Homework Websites
Textbook website

Grammar and Vocabulary exercises Level I

Grammar and Vocabulary exercises Level 2

Workbook for German 2

EMC's Internet Resource Center

Workbook for German 1 new


Lyrics Training


Links to news, videos, weather, etc.
German News

Culture/Information Sites
Culture tips

German Information Center

German Information Center

German recipes

Get to know Germany!

culture,news,video about Germany

German food recipes,german/


Online Magazines
German games and activities
Games,activities and songs with native speakers

Children's games and activities



Fun with German

Textbook Publisher
Deutsch Aktuell

Practice vocabulary
Practice numbers from 0-20

Practice familie vocabulary

Familie vocabulary

Practice numbers from 10-1000

Practice alphabet

Classroom vocabulary


Games to practice vocabulary

Practice alphabet, pronunciation

German alphabet help

Vocabulary games

Advent calendar
Advent calendar

Christmas information
The Legend of Saint Nicholas

Weihnachten in Deutschland

Fairy Tales Listening
Fairy Tales Listening

Reading assignment
Reading assignments
Read and record

UNiversal Currency Converter
Universal Currency Converter

Map of Europa
Interactive map of Europa

member Countries of the European Union

Countries of the EU Check


Member Countries of NATO

Germans story German 3
Max und Moritz

Marchen(fairy tailes)
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten

German online dictionary
online dictionary

AP german
city Cologne

German-English Dictionary
German -English dictionary

American Association of Teachers of German
American Association of Teachers of German

Why we need learn foreign language
Benefits of language

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