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Encore Dance Company 


2017-2018 Encore Dance Company Members:

Haylen Revilosa

Madyson Sanders

Samiah Talley

Ajia Harper

Amelia Harris

Courtlyn McMeans

Jade Madison

Mackenzie Perine

Madison Tyler

Quintin Moore

Caroline Branch

DAndrania Green

Emilee Walston

Hayley Watters

Krista Hamilton

Madelyn Rottger

Makayla Steele

Savannah Ford

Shelby Chapuis

Aklia Love

Amaiya Ware

Anne Marie Archer

Brittany Tolbert

Hadley Cowart

JaMilya Gable

Kirstyn Scerri 

Prosperity OCain

Taylor Boykin


Encore Dance Company is a group of talented dancers who represent Baker High School at local festivals and Mobile County dance performances. These students are required to take dance all year, where they study Ballet, Jazz, and Modern styles of dance. They also participate as performers and choreographers for the Baker High School Dance Department Showcase.


Audition Requirements 

  • previous dance experience highly recommended 
  • right and left pirouette turns 
  • right and left splits
  • variety of leaps 
  • ability to learn choreography quickly
  • good standing at current school (no suspensions or discipline problems)
  • self choreographed 1-minute solo 

Auditions for the 2018-2019 EDC will be held in May 2018 



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