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Summer Reading List 

AP Environmental Science :  Get an article and write a summary paragraph of reaction. Each article with a summary is worth 5 points.  This part of the summer assignment is therefore worth 100 points; each weekly article is worth 5/5.   Find articles that pertain to the following topics: (1 per topic) 1. human population growth 2. transgenic species 3. non-native & invasive species 4. food production, food safety 5. fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) 6. renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, etc.) 7. nuclear energy 8. air quality 9. water quality (surface and groundwater) 10. carbon dioxide and global warming 11. waste management/recycling 12. NGOs (Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, WWF, etc) 13. overfishing, overhunting, poaching 14. deforestation 15. ozone depletion 16. legislation or international treaty dealing with an environmental issue 17-20. miscellaneous - some other environmental issues of interest to you, or 4 more articles that deal with the above 16. Articles need to be current and not from years ago unless they are somehow linked to the specified subject headings and you want them to count toward the 4 articles of choice.

You will turn in the article and the summary in the above listed order with a content page and in a binder.

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