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United States History from 1877 to Present

Syllabus 2013-2014

Mr. Brown

Room 243



Course Description and Instructional Objectives:

The study of the history of the United States in Grade 11 explores the social, economic, geographic, and political development in the United States. Students begin with the growth of industry and westward expansion and follow a chronological study of the major events, issues, movements, leaders, and groups of people of the United States through the 20th century.



Students will use the textbook: America: Pathways to the Present, which is to be returned at the end of the semester in good condition.


Course Materials:

Binder, Loose-leaf paper, Black or Blue pen, Pencils, Textbook.


Class Structure:

This course is comprised of a variety of teaching methods in order to reach all learning styles. The course structure incorporates but is not limited to: lectures, cooperative learning teams, class discussions, essay writing, presentations, correlated videos and video clips. Note taking is a necessary skill in a history class. Students will be guided in various note taking strategies and are encouraged to take notes from lectures, discussion, and any reading assignments including the text and any additional reading material assigned. Documentary films are used to enhance and reinforce main ideas of the course content. Students are expected to take notes and be prepared for writing assignments attributed to the film.



Student participation/involvement in class is an intricate part of not only this course but learning. Students will need the skills of communication and team work in order to be successful in their future endeavors. Therefore, students are expected to come to class each day prepared with a notebook, either a pen or a pencil to write with, and their textbook.  It is also expected that all students will participate during class discussions, class projects, team work and activities.  Any student who comes to class unprepared or is not focused on the task at hand will not receive participation credit for that day.


Late Work:

It is important for students to learn and understand the significance of deadlines. In this class, students are to turn in assignments and homework when they are due. The timely and successful completion of these assignments is imperative. Therefore, no late work will be accepted. It is the student's responsibility to see that their work makes it to class on time if they are not able to come to class. Missed notes will have to be obtained from a classmate. If for some reason there is an extenuating circumstance, the student is to speak with the teacher immediately regarding the situation. From that point the teacher will decide if the late work will be accepted with deductions. Assignments can be found in the classroom on the assignments calendar.


Make up work:

It is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed work as soon as they return. All make-up work must be turned in within three days after an excused absence. Missed tests and quizzes due to an excused absence are to be made up within one week of the absence. If a test or quiz is not completed then a zero will become the assigned grade and the test or quiz can not be made up. Tests/quizzes/film viewings must be made up before school (6:45 a.m.) with a pre-arranged appointment, not during class time.



Grades will be given based on completion and performance on all assignments, quizzes, and tests as well as participation.


Tests/Projects/In Class Essays    60%

Class work/Homework/Projects               40%





100-90 A                   89-80 B        79-70 C             69-60 D     59 and below E


Progress reports will be sent home to students with a 69% or below average at mid quarter and must be returned with a parent or guardian’s signature. Student’s progress can be accessed at anytime by logging on to the Baker High School website I- Now Home page. Students have access to a grade tracking sheet that will be given within the syllabus.



All students are expected to report to class in a timely manner. A student is considered tardy once the tardy bell rings. All tardies will be recorded. Tardy consequences: 1- verbal warning, 2- morning detention (6:45 a.m.), 3- morning detention (6:45 a.m.), 4- Parents will be notified. All tardies after the fourth will be written up to the grade level assistant principal.


Regular attendance to class is a very important part of the course. Absences may result in the reduction of the student's grade due to work not being made up or failure to participate in class activities. Please refer to Baker High School's attendance policy in the student handbook.



  Class Procedure:

  1. Enter      class, have a seat in your assigned desk, and complete any assignment      noted on the board.
  2. Attendance      will be taken once the tardy bell has rung.
  3. Once      attendance is finished class will begin.       Students are expected to have materials out and ready to begin.


Class Expectations:         

  • Strive to do your best.
  • Come to class ready to learn. Therefore, there is to be no use of      electronic devices, cards, dice or other personal items that could be      distracting to the learning process. Any student caught using an      electronic device will receive one warning to put it away for the      remainder of the semester, failure to do so will result in the      confiscation of the device. If something is confiscated it is sent to the      grade level administrator.
  • Work to improve yourself mentally and socially.      There is a time and place for everything any derogatory or foul language addressed      to the teacher, students, or any other person or group is completely      unacceptable. 
  • Dress for success. The dress code will be strictly      enforced! Before entering the      class, make sure that you are following the dress code accordingly.
  • RESPECT!!  Above all, respect for classmates,      guests, instructor, and the classroom will be mandatory. Respect      yourself and your classmates by showing good manners. Treat people      like you would truly like to be treated, with respect and kindness. 
  • Following directions is a major key      to success. I would like all      students to stay seated until the dismissal bell. Do not pack up or leave      early without the teacher’s permission.
  • Use      your time wisely. Each student will receive four hall/restroom passes a      quarter. This pass is not to be      used to make concourse visits or visits to other classrooms. Hall/Restroom passes may only be used      for the restroom, locker, administrator, office, or nurse visits.



General Sequence of Consequences:

In general this is the pattern of steps that will be taken for some behavior or activity that is distracting to the educational process.

  1. The first time something becomes a problem the      student will be given a warning to stop.
  2. The second time the student will have morning      detention which begins at 6:45 a.m.
  3. The third time a call will be made to the parent or      guardian.
  4. The forth time the student will receive a referral      to the office and a parent teacher conference will be arranged.




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