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Richardson, Clem Principal
Rodgers-Martin, Terry Administration
Connick, Joseph Administration
Staley, Sharon Administration
Cooke, Scott Administration
Bearden, Jonathan Administration

Agnew, Jessica Mathematics
Agnew, Paul Math / Athletic Director
Alonzo, Eila Retract
Armstrong, David History
Armstrong, Mischa Math
Austin, Ramona ROTC
Barber, Jana Media Center
Barbosa, Julie English
Bates, Melissa French / Yearbook
Baxter, Grace Cafeteria
Bearden, Jonathan Administration
Bermudez, Sandra Math
Black, Jason PE
Blackburn, Mona Lisa English
Blackerby, Jeb Math/Varsity Boys Basketball
Boone, Chrissy English
Bowles, Christina English
Box, Tracy Science
Boyce, Michelle Band
Brown, Ken History
Browne, Eric Drama
Bryan, Renee History
Burns, Denise English
Carstarphen, Patricia Science
Chambliss, Bridget Drama
Clanton, Liana Math
Cochran, William Science
Coker, Caroline Science
Collins, Noah Spanish
Connick, Joseph Administration
Cooke, Scott Administration
Cooper, Karen Career/Technical
Cowan, Alice Freshman Counselor
Crow, Teri Support Staff
Cullen, Meredith Science
Curtis, Jake Social Studies
Daigle, Danny Physical Education
Deacon, Major Social Studies
Dedeaux, Sidney Fine Arts
Dempsey, Alison English Teacher
Dixon, Betty Science
Estle, Lisa Career/Technical
Evans, Cora Family and Consumer Science
Fagan, Kevin Speech and Reading
Fairley, Deanna Special Education
Falgout, Sandy Career/Technical
Fantoni, Julia English/French
Fore, Zach Math
Fredella, Ann Diversified
French, Jack Social Studies
Galanopoulos, Chris Math
Gentry, Kirsten Special Education
Gladen, Doris Science
Glover, William Math
Golden, Christina Social Studies
Greene, Angela Math
Hanson, Chris Math
Hatcher-Davis, MaryLou Chorus
Hayes, Christine Math
Heavner, Lisa Math
Hickman, Karen History
Hickox, Charles Science
Hinds, Marcee Social Studies
Holbrook, Stacey English 12
Houston, Carolyn PE
Hughes, Lee Band
Ivey, Sonja English
Johnson, Megan History
Joiner, Jennifer Math
Keller, Linda English
Kelly, Joey History
Kertis, Daniel Diversified
Kilgore, Lynn Math
King, Jessica Science
Knott, Braxton English
Knowles, Teresa Math
Kochurova, Olena German
Lacoste, Mary English 9
Laird, Jenny History
Lambert, Nancy Counselor
Leiser, Jill Business Ed
Lewis, Willie JROTC
Longenecker, Marie History
Lose, Jane Special Education
Lucassen, Barbara Math Department Chairperson
McCluskey, Grady Math
McGallagher, Peggy Family and Consumer Science
McHenry, William Special Education
McLeod, Ken Special Education
Medlin, Norma English
Melancon, Brenda Science
Melton, Christy Counselor
Metcalfe, Kent Pace
Minto, Claire Science
Moor, Kyle Social Studies
Morales, Jennifer Spanish
Morgan, Kristi History
Mosley, Jenna English
Nathan, George Special Education
Nelson, Scott Science
Newberry, Tammy Special Education/Math
Nix, David Science
Noojin, Terry Guidance
Normand, Heather Science
Normand, Steve Social Studies
Norwood, Megan Dance
Orso, Mickey Special Education
Otano, Isabel Foreign Language
Outlaw, Michael Social Studies
Parker, Tonya English
Peavy, Kathy Diversified
Perry, Terry English
Pierce Jernigan, Shena Special Ed
Pini-Loper, Tammy Science
Quina, William Science
Reeves, Jeannine Math
Rice, Brandon Social Studies
Richardson, Clem Principal
Roberts, Jeannie Support Staff
Rockhold, Tiffani Special Education
Rodgers-Martin, Terry Administration
Roe, Amy Media Center
Rogers, Jasper Social Studies
Sadler, Laura English
Scarbrough, Tony Math
Seymour, Danielle History
Shaw, Suellen PE
Smith, Danny Physical Education
Smith, Valorey Support Staff
Staley, Sharon Administration
Stallings, Tiffany Science
Stevens, Jennifer Science
Stewart, Kendal Math
Stokely, Catherine Special Education
Stokley, Scotty Special Education
Stroecker, Michele Art
Tanner, Anna English
Tashbin, Stephanie English
Thomas, Justin PE
Tolbert, Justin English, Disc Golf
Tucker, Carrie English
Waldrop, Diana English
Walker, Kim Guidance
Waltsgott, Barbara Social Studies/Teacher and Department Chairperson
Watts, Keith JROTC
Weaver, Heather Title 1
Weeden, Monique Science
White, Haley Career Tech
White, Kathy Math
Williams, Carol ESL
Williams, Chris Driver's Ed/ JV Baseball
Williams, Jeremy Social Studies
Williams, Timothy Science
Williamson, Shana History
Wilson, Justin History
Woodbury, Nicol English
Young, Shondrey Science

Baxter, Grace Cafeteria
Crow, Teri Support Staff
Floyd, Lisa Support Staff
Roberts, Jeannie Support Staff
Smith, Valorey Support Staff