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Annual Title I Parent Meeting PowerPoint
Baker High School Handbook 2011-2012
Handbook 2011-2012
Hornet Herald
2013-2014 School Year
2007-2008 School Year
2008-2009 School Year
2009-2010 School Year
2011-2012 School Year
Mid Year CIP Review Summary
Principal Summary Report
QAR Quality Assurance Review Team Report
QAR 2010-2011
SACS Report
Hornet Herald >> 2007-2008 School Year
May Issue 5/15/2008
March Issue 4/4/2008
January Issue 1/15/2008
December Issue 12/13/2007
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Seniors score high on ACT; Page 1

Make Ends Meet: Baker Sensation; Page 2

Azalea Trail Maids (2008-2009); Page 2



Spotlight: National Honor Society; Page 3

On the Trail with...Lauren Finley; Page 3

Mobile Christmas Parades; Page 4

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Paul Agnew; Page 5



Santa's Little Helpers



Blackerby and Basketball team successful; Page 8

Cross-Country winds down; Page 8

BCS Predictions; Page 9



Baker's nasty parking lot; Page 10

Poll: What would you like to receive for Christmas?

Zach/Zach Talk: What bothers you the most about people today?


Golden Compass Review; Page 12

Foo Fighter's New album hits stores; Page 12

October Issue 10/1/2007
September Issue 9/1/2007
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