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Hornet Herald >> 2007-2008 School Year
May Issue 5/15/2008
March Issue 4/4/2008
January Issue 1/15/2008
December Issue 12/13/2007
October Issue 10/1/2007
September Issue 9/1/2007
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Baker's Annex refresher.

AP Art begins at Baker.

Baker Congestion an annoyance.

The Community Pep Rally supports the Hornets

What's the Scoop: Outdoor Classroom (Geology CP)



People-to-People organization

Spotlight: Key Club

Azalea Trail Maid: Jenna Mosely


Students share their summer vacation adventures with the Herald


Baker wins first game of the season against the Satsuma Gators

One-on-One with: Michael Crutcher and Jeffrey Bradley



Over crowded schools in the Mobile area becoming a hassle

Cartoon: Adventures of Stick Man: PEER PRESSURE

Word on the Street: "How do you feel about smoking in public?"



Review: New Korn album

Review: The Simpson's Movie 


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