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Baker High School Junior Civitan Club


January 24, 2018


· 4 Volunteers are needed on each of the following dates at the Goodwill on Schillinger Road at Cottage Hill from 5:15-8:00 pm (sign up with Mrs. Stokely) ( You need to have or bring with you a release form, too)


                         May 17, June 21


Yes, they requested Junior Civitan volunteers because you all do such a


fantastic job!




· February activity with Coach Jernigan’s class will be Feb. 8 during hornet block in the library.  We will be making valentine cards.


· February donations for club hours:  items needed to make cards:  valentine stickers, red paper, glitter, pink paper, etc.   Also bags of candy.




· Everyone get a sign language alphabet sheet from Mrs. Stokely and practice spelling your name in sign language! We plan to incorporate this into our March activity




· The Junior Civitan District Convention is in Mobile this year: Saturday,


       April 21st at the Holiday Inn on Springhill Memorial Drive. See Mrs. Stokely      


       if you would like to register





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